Intel NUC11 compatibility


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  • JCloud

    Thanks for report.

    I really don't see CR for old hardware, though it's one use.

    Chrome OS / CR really needs good modern fast hardware to run well, it's a modern OS so in my experience anything older than 5 years doesn't run that fast (unless the original hardware was mega high spec / expensive). Something old will be ok if you are using less than 5 tabs and no Linux, but who can manage with only 5 tabs? That would seriously hinder my work flow, be ok for holiday use or streaming maybe.

    Where CR fits well is people who bought good Windows hardware but the Windows OS let them down with updates, viruses or its general inefficiency.

    The number of people we get on forum who think CR will work a treat on hardware over 8 years old is bonkers, that age hardware having the extra draw backs of dead batteries, slower wifi tech, mechanical hard drives, probably 4gb ram. Once the old hardware with SSDs start to show up things will be better.

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