• Courtney

    Interesting thanks for the link. Plan on using some of these things mentioned. 

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  • JCloud

    My favorite recent tricks I learned not sure if in article or not, have not managed to read yet. Thanks Bidwell though.

    Not sure what key it is on CR, but on Chromebooks the magnier key / everything key - one that brings up bottom menu. Might be windows key on CR machines?

    You press that and v and it brings up a clipboard manager with last 5 things you ctl + c i.e copied into clipboard, also allows to delete from clipboard. So now you can keep upto 5 things in clipboard at once because when you do magnifier key and V it shows what's in clipboard memory and you can click whichever one you want to paste.

    Also that magnifier key and arrow up or down button is same as page up or page down keys on Windows, nice for scrolling. Space is good for page down as well.

    On a google search page say you searched for something and scrolled down a bit and then want to edit what you searched for, you press / key and it takes you back up to the search box to type.

    Also picture in picture video mode, right click twice on a video and click picture in pictures, gives video on top of windows so can work and watch your soap operas or whatever, lol.

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