Linux not installing on Home Edition 92.4.2


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  • Michael Clarke

    Alexander Richardt,

    There is already quite a long forum thread on the Crostini Error 5 topic, here: 

    Increased security checks in ChromiumOS v91 and onward mean that if your CPU is susceptible to the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities, Crostini will not run.

    There are a few options available to you such as BIOS updates if available from the manufacturer, and If you are good with linux Kernel and Grub, you might be able to insert the microcode fixes into the underlying OS.

    There may be fixes and workarounds in the future, but for now the issue is likely to affect older hardware that no longer has support from the manufacturer.  If you are reliant on Linux-based applications, you may find you need to revert to a full Linux installation until such time a universal solution is found (or you obtain hardware with the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities patched).

    Neverware put a statement regarding the Crostini situation here:

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