Mouse cursor after sleep/resume



  • Bidwell Ely

    I have been having difficulty with the "sleep" function in vs 92.4.2 (Home Build). In desperation, I went to "Sleep when cover is closed" and turned it off. Now the sleep function works when the cover is closed, Forrest Smith why?

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  • Forrest Smith

    I have one device that shows this problem , but has for a while. It's possible that any device not on the certified list could just have this bug and not be trivially fixable.

    Can you try v89.4 to see if this gets you around the problem? if so, we could look for a regression on our certified models and better prioritize. that source would letyou check the older version, following our "manual" steps in the install guide for USB creation, instead of just using the automatic USB maker.

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