How to boot forom USB drive to reinstall cloudReady ? ASUS chromebox2 CN62 (reached AUE) with cloudReady installed,



  • Michael Clarke

    If you already have CloudReady installed on an Asus Chromebox 2, you (or someone else) must have already gone through through the steps on the MrChromebox dot tech website to replace the Chrome operating system with the SeaBios and CloudReady?

    If this is the case, the SeaBios boot options can be listed by pressing the Escape Key when the device boots.

    Neverware do not support a CloudReady installation on Chrome devices, but if you don't mind tinkering, and accept the risk that you could brick your device, there are some well-used websites that help to install CloudReady (and other OSs) on old Chrome devices: (article relates to Google Pixel 2013, but the main steps are applicable to most devices) (the device page suggests the Asus Chromebox 2 is supported by the script) (steps to remove the BIOS Write-Protect screw from the Asus Chromebox 2)

    Take it slowly, and where the articles recommend taking a backup of the stock image, make sure you do - then you will always have a way back.  Good luck!

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  • SpacePiggy

    It's pretty straight forward process, assuming your previous owner installed MrChromeBox's firmware. Start by backing up any local files to your Google drive or a USB

    1. Prepare an install USB per instructions on neverware's website

    2. Shut down the Chromebox and insert the install USB

    3. Tap the [ESC] key as you power up.

    4. You should see this screen, select Boot Menu option:

    Then select your USB and hit enter.

    6. In a few seconds you should see the Cloudready logo, wait for the welcome screen. At this point install or test drive the OS. When you install, all data is wiped from the SSD so back up before starting. That's basically a Powerwash.

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