usb wont boot


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  • Michael Clarke

    The initial suggestions for this type of issue are to:

    • try your USB stick on another device - do you get the same error?
    • create the USB boot device using another USB stick (8GB minimum size) - some makes/models have issues being used as boot devices.

    If you still have issues, provide as much information as you can about your device and the USB stick you are using, confirm the mechanism you used to create the Boot USB, and confirm which Version of CloudReady you downloaded - We'll assume for now it is the Home Version.

    I usually make my CloudReady Boot USB using the Chrome Recovery Tool (, choosing Use Local Image from the cog menu in the top-right of the tool, then selecting the file you downloaded from NeverWare.  Not had an issue with it yet.

    I have never used the USB maker suggested by NeverWare in their installation instructions, so cannot comment on that.

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