Dell Inspiron 1545 - Not booting from SB



  • Joel R.

    I have no experience changing hardware on this level, have only ever tinkered with RAM and storage. Haven't really encountered many who upgrade CPUs on a laptop. I'm assuming you've done your homework on the CPU compatibility with the board and everything else... so as a fellow regular user I'm not sure what to say lol.

    Are you able to boot other operating systems at least like a Linux live USB? I'm also thinking that a memory (RAM) diagnostic might be worthwhile, since you mentioned that your system did crash sometimes in the past. Also, are you able to boot the Cloudready USB installer on other devices? The more info you can provide and the more tests you can do to isolate the issue, the better. Neverware staff and other users might be able to help you further if you can give more details.

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  • john buglass

    Hi Joel,

    Thank you again for the help here. This has been very useful!

    The CPU has been checked and should be fine.  I have tried Linux and had some progress but then it crashed about virtualisation not being turned on, which I my laptop can't do.   I also think my USB stick is at fault in part so will try with another in the coming days as I could not get it to bookt my windows laptop either.

    In fact, reviewing Linux I think I'll stick with this as the disc drive can then still be used which can't with cloudready.  I'm going to try Linux Mint - the very basic one and see how I get on there.

    Again, thank you for the helpful response. This has been very usefu with my tinkering!

    Kind regards,


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  • Michael Clarke

    This sounds very much like replacing the CPU has caused some critical issues.  Replacing / Installing a CPU is an advanced-level task.  You have to consider things like CPU clock speed, compatibility with the motherboard, use of heatsinks and cooling mechanisms to keep the CPU temperature at acceptible levels.

    If you get so far with any O/S installation and everything turns off, it suggests that the CPU is getting too hot and halting the system.  Always look first at what changed last as being the cause of your problem.

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