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  • Joel R.

    This is sort of a niche issue you have; CloudReady historically has had trouble with discrete graphics and typically works best with integrated graphics where heat / fan speed is less of a problem. NVIDIA has special mentions in the old known issues and also in the Chrome OS Flex list (links below).

    I know the issues there relate to stability and usability and aren't specific to your fan speed problem, but just inferring from these documentation and knowing from being on this forum for a while: your type of setup and use-case probably isn't the intended target for CloudReady / Flex at least in the near-term. So there really isn't a documented and supported way for fan configuration. You can do a Google search of "cloudready fan speed neverware zendesk" and you'll see a lot of old threads with various suggestions. Some of them may work, although there's a chance that none of them will. Good luck.

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