• Joel R.

    CloudReady may simply just not be for your device. A quick search pulled up past problems with your specific device:

    Also, when I searched for your laptop's exact specs, the Cherry Trail CPU immediately stood out. This line of Intel chips has had its own share of problems with CloudReady. Just search "Intel Atom x5-Z8350 neverware zendesk" on Google and several posts will come up.

    Try Chrome OS Flex perhaps, although it's still in early testing and development phase, not to mention that some of its code is also based on CloudReady, so no assurances either. If Chrome OS Flex also fails but you're still really intent on keeping your device useful, then there should be plenty of Linux distributions available that will be compatible-- Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Pop!_OS were mentioned in the above linked past posts.

    Chrome OS Flex installation guide:

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  • nepasmecrire

      Thank you for your quick reply
    no chrome os boot , none
    the image is not an .iso , so you can't choose the type of bios ( rufus works perferctly with GPT partition scheme )
    so , no problem booting with android distributions, I tested them all, but none is perfect, and there are a lot of bugs.
    Linux does not interest me, because I want to use my tablet in vertical mode with google DOCS, and google DOCS on any browser in vertical is a total disaster!!!
    The android app is perfect.

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  • Forrest Smith

    CloudReady and ChromeOS Flex won't run Android apps. So if running Android app Google Docs is the reason you want to get this OS working instead of others, you may be working on the wrong solution.

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